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strikeback4 04-09-2017 04:09 PM

Re: Those pro siambu chiongster, pls lip lai

Originally Posted by Devil320 (Post 16381788)
simple. don't go after siambu

There are LB in other countries as well :rolleyes:

halogen019 04-09-2017 10:34 PM

Re: Those pro siambu chiongster, pls lip lai
Sometimes it is really hard, especially if it is a very well done job.

Encountered a girl whom I thought was a natural female only to start having doubts when I check her social media.

1. No Adam's apple
2. Voice slightly low but not to the extent of male
3. Petite in size
4. Body structure not a single hint of her being a male
5. Soft D cups
6. Wet pussy
7. Delicious nicki minaj type of booty

I have only groped her boobs and rubbed her pussy before in dark conditions but each time I asked if we could go further, she declined.

Everything about her seemed ok until I started to notice within her social circle, there are many really pretty ladies with bodies to die for who are her besties.

One day I was watching one of her friend's live stream on Facebook and I got a big shock. When she opened her mouth, it was a totally male voice despite looking really feminine. I did more CSI and things got weirder. She often shared transgender articles and was even tagged in some transgender beauty pageant contest before. I am thinking: why would a real girl mix with so many transgender friends?

I knew something wasn't right and I started to distance myself from her haha.

But really, besides her slightly lower voice, can't tell she isn't a real woman.

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