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Re: The Lonely Chiongster

Originally Posted by SadLoser View Post
I was feeling bored and lonely at home today, so decide to drive down to Orchard Ion alone just to grab dinner and walk around.

Basket end up I felt even more lonely & miserable... the moment I reached the shopping ctr, everywhere were dating couples. And most of the gals are quite slim & pretty. And some of the gals seems so arrogant, gave me that sniggering, despise look when they caught me stealing a glance at them. I felt like a loser wandering alone and eating alone on a Fri night at the city center where everyone else was either dating or with friends

Life is really unfair. Some guys always can find pretty GFs easily- maybe cos they are physically attractive/charming or have a wealthy family background. Some guys like me average and not attractive, seems destined for loneliness my entire life.

Sorry that you feel this way. Just know that you are not alone i felt this way too and i think i saw their disgusted glance sometimes though i am okay looking at 175cm. Probably what we can do is not to appear like depressed sad. Look energised.

From a neutral point of view i think only some girls act this way, not all. SOme girls thinks that all the guys wants them so they want to feel validated and high above the guy to satisfy the girl's own ego. They give the dirty look. GUys come on let's not be affected by such meagre things. We can do better and you are you, you don't get affected by somebody you don't know. The girls does not have power over you.

What the guys can do is don't be too affected bah. Though we are at wits end and we don't know what we can do anymore to get intimacy and sex in Singapore.
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