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Re: Not effective Tadarad

Originally Posted by manxstupidwoman View Post
Taken tadarad composition as below:-
tadalafil 20mg
dapoxetine 100mg

Did not felt any longer minutes on bed.
Heavily affected by side effect of mood swing and nausea. Typically take 1 day of rest to ease the side effect.

Anyone know why? as this medicine is known to delay ejaculation
Only tried dapoxetine before never combo. Anyway ur dosage seems very high. was this dapox dosage prescribed by doctor or you chose urself.

in my experience need to take dapoxetine atleast 45 min-1hr before bonking. i once took 30 mins before and just finished very quickly no effects. but when i wait 60-75 min then could go on for long time. ofc ur experience will vary
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