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Re: The Lonely Chiongster

Originally Posted by dongdongchiang View Post
Can relate to how most guys feel here. Online dating is toxic man. Some girls who are like 33 to 34, chat like so agreeable with you, meet like 360. I won't say I'm that kind of person that's so ugly, but the effort really tires me.
Ikr some of the girls are really toxic, especially those from NUS SMU AND NTU.

What i noticed about SG and malaysian chinese girls are that they are very flaky, very flirtatious to make a fool out of the sg chinese guys and when they drop you they will tell you not to be so serious. This should be a social crime.

They can be very flirty and is very serious and share a lot about themselves and then suddenly cancel everything and turn flaky. What is going on here is the girl is looking for the best guy so she is like at wet market looking for the best ingredient and giving you false hope first and then when she got what she wants the better guy she will drop you. Best is to think of NUS SMU and NTU girls as out to fool you until they proven otherwise.

I wonder if this Singapore is our country, we serve national service and we can't get girls from our own country? This is the biggest joke for all the NS guys out there.

Girls can choose to stay single if they have too high expectation. But they should not expect sg guys to protect them when war comes.
I'm sure our minds will waiver, like is this the place we want to protect if you are a miserable sg single guy. We guys also contribute to society but since girls want equality with men, when war comes they should fight also. Don't expect guys to throw our lives away to protect them. Why should guys protect a stranger girl who don't want anything to do with sg guys.
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