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Re: The Lonely Chiongster

Originally Posted by driedlemon3 View Post
I felt sad reading the replies here. Having companionship is a basic need for both men n women, v natural. As to whether you can find that special someone isn't all about how you look or how much u earn. It might be abit hard to find on a dating app, there are genuine people like the bros here who are looking for a relationship but that kind of forum also attracts even more scammers, free loaders and what nots. To beat that, you would have to try zillions of time. I do hear of success stories, v rare and few in between. Most people burnt out before they can even find 1 decent person to go for a date. I am female so to offer you what women are saying mirrors what the bros here experienced - liars, trying for ons, free loaders, flakes etc. Ok so dating app not great place to find a life partner then you would ask where then? Sometimes its still back to the v old fashion of knowing people organically not on an app for purpose of dating. think about what u are interested in, go join that group be it jogging, hiking, badminton, chess, cooking, gardening, gym even volunteering. Someone told me before if you want to be noticed appear at a regular group often n sooner or later you will know people. You engage with them as friends with a common interest, its less pressurizing and love might just find you. Even in worse case, there isn't anyone, you would have made friends and develop a hobby. don't write yourself off especially if your heart still yearns for that special someone to share your joyful moments in life, be there when you feel down n that special one you can text a little joke when u feel like. all the best!

Nice, one of your longest post. QUite Surprised lady will come here to read and give advise. Appreciate

Difficult i work at tuas with all the guys rough environment, long hours and smelly smelly at end of day.
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