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Re: The Lonely Chiongster

Originally Posted by dongdongchiang View Post
But rather, some girls when they say they're forthcoming, they aren't at all.

The least I expected for someone who has some maturity is to say 'Hey I think you're not my type. '. I won't feel offended, at least there's a conclusion.

So yup, I avoided a wreck earlier this week.
Sorry to hear that, glad you avoided the flirty girl and moved on.
There are a lot of wrecked playgirls flirting around for attention. *Not saying all girls are bad*. Too bad the girls got what they want but guys are left hanging.

Obligation to the country, will have many others think otherwise. Especially frustrated single guys.

If you dwell deeper into this topic, a country without families is not a strong country. As more and more singles in the country, the country will fall apart.
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