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Re: Ho Chi Minh Info Thread

Just sharing my last encounter in HCMC in Little Japan not long before the CB comes. Really CB

After landing on Thurs, at night I explore around Little Japan. I recall a proper spa just inside Ngo Van Nam lane looking at Goggle map. Can't recall the name of the shop. To those who want a clean message and/or like to sian non freelancer, drop over here. I will rtf for any of the two reasons above when CB is lifted.

The next day, I visited those 'massage' shop inside the labyrinth of Little Japan. So many shops so take your time, browse around and check out before deciding. Took me some time to look see look see (literally) as I usually chat up with mamasan for every shop that I am targeting before deciding which one. I have plenty of time since now is only mid noon.

I finally chose a shop with a young girl (surely early 20s or maybe 20) who speaks a bit of English. This shop earlier in my walkaround chat, the mamasan said she can consider to go out with me after her work for a drink if I return. She does not do massage. Maximise your expense mah, pay for a massage and have a companion for drinking FOC less the drink of course a guy pay.

The masseur luckily not the piano type. So at least the mamasan did not lie. We chatted and clicked well during the actual massage session which last about 40 mins. After that she shyly ask me if I wanted more . I buay tahan liao. I said yes. Tonight I need someone to accompany me for a drink to a rooftop pub after her work and I meant it. She smiled at my request and surprising she agreed. Fast forward she asks for 1.5M damages and I bargain to 1M. She also agreed to my 1M, maybe because of the rooftop pub drink. She is really really tight. I have a feeling she is rather new to boom boom or my kukubird too thick. Likely to be the former as my kukubird is normal size. Before leaving the shop I tell the mamasan tonight is off .

Shit, I broke my promise as my ex GF return my message some time later that she is free that night. Of course no choice but to meet my ex GF. I message the masseur back and she is sad and angry from her reply. I owe that massage girl one. Anyway I have her contact. Once the CB is lifted and deemed safe to travel , I will return my promise of bringing her to a rooftop pub plus a midnight show more as a companion. F or no F does not really matter.

No CCB or KKNBCCB please please. Many samsters will suffer if we kenna CCB or worse KKNBCCB
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