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Re: Craigslist and other on-line Ladyboys

Originally Posted by RumpRanger View Post
Is this May you're talking about from Temptation Bar in Nana Plaza? If so we have the same taste in LBs bro! I think she's one LB that people can mistake for a real girl. Not tall and totally feminine looking.

Here's a couple of pics of May to jog your memory. Same girl?
Thats the more well known May. My May is #42 from Cascade Bar.
My May seems not very much into the scene at Nana. She seems desperate to be someones real girlfriend. Makes me a bit scared, as she definitely was clingy with me. And every night I was in Bangkok, even if I was not with her, she found me or saw me. But no matter what, her face just kills me.
Like your May, can pass as a cute young girl.
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