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Re: My Greatest Discovery Ever...Super SYT FeiFei

Originally Posted by warbird View Post
Good evening,

This thread caught my attention because there is "Super SYT" in the title and because it was started in 2007, the year I began to spend a little bit more time in SG.

There were quite a few pretty PRC girls then, aged 18-21 yo, who were streetwalkers in GL. One shot usually $80-100. I feel nostalgic about the good old days. My first visit to a PRC FL, 21 yo Xiao Mei, was on 1 Oct 2007. I wrote a detailed FR about her.

Unfortunately, those prettier girls mostly left GL by mid 2009, replaced by older and uglier women. Just prior to that, legal PRC women had been arriving in GL, all of them over 21 though. In the following 5 years, there were a few legal ones who were lookers and who provided good service.

By early to mid 2009, I had discovered such KTVs as TAM, LV and Dynasty. But the prettier girls n SYTs at these joints were much more expensive. The most desirable ones usually won't do FJ n I had to BY them. Unfortunately, the quality of these girls, including singers, have also been declining in the last 4-5 years.

Could COVID mark the end of an era of pretty PRC girls/SYTs in SG? Will the very few cute 18-19 yo PRC girls remaining here be the last of the Mohicans?

Good night!

Bro WB
I am a connoisseur for SYT PRC, unfortunately you won't be able to find any of them here in Singapore. There is plenty of them moonlighting in 1st tier cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou.
Have been to Shanghai and Shenzhen couple of times previously.
Quality of those SYT are really good, pics and videos provided were accurate.
Most are still studying in high schools/universities. Price is steep though.
Planning to head back to either SZ or SH once travel restrictions are lifted.
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