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Re: My Greatest Discovery Ever...Super SYT FeiFei

Originally Posted by iluvmiki View Post
I was driving by GL this afternoon and as usual, I have to go through my mandatory rounds of the odd lorongs.

As I was passing by one of the lorongs, something caught the corner of my eye which seemed like a very sweet young-looking girl standing along the pathway of a coffeeshop. There was a vehicle following very closely behind me so I have no choice but to floor my accelerator to make another round, hoping that she will still be there.

Luck was with me and as I passed by the second time, she was still standing there! I quickly stop at the side of the road and signalled her over. To my surprise, she dare not look in my direction and hung her head down. At this moment, I felt a little paiseh as she might not be an FL after all!

I kept my patience, wind down my window and waited for a full 5 minutes, keeping my eyes glued on her. Finally, she made her way very slowly towards my car and kept on turning around to look at the surroundings.

When she finally reached my car, I was mesmerised to see a very innocent, shy, Japanese-looking girl and truly a very very SYT standing right in front of me. Without hesitation, I invited her into my car and when she got in, she was shaking and trembling nervously.

I calmed her down assuring her that everything will be alright. Found out that she just arrived at 8pm last nite and this was her first time stepping out of her apartment to stand on the streets. Apparently, she had heard so much about the raids and actually regretted coming here.

I did not even asked her how much and drove straight to my favourite love-nest. In the room, she was much calmer and said that she felt very comfortable with me. We chatted for a while before I started kissing and undressing her. When everything was removed, I was stunned to see a beautiful young body complete with C-cup boobs and a nice butt. She was just a little fleshy but arrrgh....I simply loved it!

I will not go into details our wonderful love-making session but i can tell you, it's 101% like making out with your school days' sweetheart, totally no sign of a commercial transaction at all.

When we finished, we held hands and checked out of the hotel like lovers. I sent her back to her apartment as she did not feel like standing on the streets. When she was about to alight from my vehicle, she shyly told me that I have not given her any money yet. I was like 'What the fxxk'...I felt so embarassed and never in my life I've forgotten to pay an FL for her services!!!

She did not know how much to charge me so I explained to her that the standard rates for her age and looks is around $80. Anyway, I gave her $100 and told her to keep the $20 as tips. I can safely say that one would easily pay $150 for her without second thoughts but I do not want to tell her that for fear of spoiling the market.

To be honest, I'm really reluctant to post this thread as i do not want to lose this gem. However, on second thoughts, I should not be so selfish and if she is really so afraid to stand on the streets and have no business, she will definitely go back home.

Anyway, I do not want to take any chances and will only give her contact out to bros I deemed qualifies...

So, any takers for 2nd blood???

Name: FeiFei
Origin: ChongQing
Age: 21 but definitely looks younger
Looks: 9/10 stunning!
Body: C-cup boobs with all the curves at the right places
Fj: 8/10
Bj/bbbj: Never try. Forgot all about it!!!
GFE: 101%
Damage: $80 + $20(tips), rm and cd my own
RTF: What do you think?

Please be nice and gentle to her. Do not damage this piece of meat!
Hi ,am I qualified for contact ? thanks
Always looking for quality sex
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