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Originally Posted by max_priest View Post
Just finished 3 zoom meetings today (i.e. 2 overseas + 1 local) ... very hectic indeed. I feel these international zooming can’t beat meeting face to face especially with clients. Anyway .... Here you go, my friend ...

That’s all for now,
MaXx have 2 international and 1 local zoom call wor...HAHAHAHA. Nowadays golf caddy need to make international call? Hahahaha

You spend the day sitting on the 3rd floor, you where got busy? LOL

Very clearly you know dick about Lorna and what her shops are for.

Oei fuckface, you sit at 1654A so long, you got no dirt ah? No info, ah? Hahahaha...nobody tell you anything? Lanjiao runner dog. You don't know anything about the brothers there? What's the latest update from 1654A? HAHAHAHAHAHA...looks like people don't tell you much.

You continue fantasising that you make zoom calls in your expat condo car. You fuck face don't even know what is Telegram. All you know is to sign off your posts on a forum as if you are writing a letter. Hahahaha...people don't even do that in emails anymore. What a fucking Ah Pek!

Hahaha XOXO,


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