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Re: Anyone knows when will be the exact time that GL will be open again?

Know how to read English? Read the Headline.

More than 6,200 people vaccinated against COVID-19 as Government accelerates vaccination programme: Gan Kim Yong

Mr Gan was speaking to invited media at Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, along with his co-chair Mr Lawrence Wong, who also received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Both of them described the injection as painless and waited for 30 minutes after that to observe for any side effects before they spoke to reporters.

“We are planning to continue to expand the scope of vaccination and to increase the pace of vaccination, eventually to cover the whole population in Singapore,” said Mr Gan.

In a Facebook post, Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung said that the vaccination centre at Changi Airport Terminal 4 will serve air crew members and frontline airport workers, while the other venue at Raffles City Convention Centre will cater to marine pilots, crew and frontline workers who have to go on board ships.

This week will be an operational warm-up, where we will vaccinate small groups, to prepare for full scale operations next week,” said Mr Ong.
And what did bo takchek Ah Soh MaxLoser say? Maybe it will be suspended. WAHAHAHA...fuck me. You have the comprehension ability of a toddler. Fuck you la maybe suspended.

Originally Posted by max_priest View Post
My earlier concern/comment is valid re the vaccine which are currently available to Sg. I earlier mentioned that new discoveries may lead to suspension of vaccine usage altogether.
HAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE A FUCKING CLOWN. Valid your lanjiao lah, valid. The govt is going to accelerate and expand, you say maybe suspended. WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID? You should start a blog called 'Retarded Rental Car Driver', people in Spore could use a good laugh. The real funny thing is that you are not pretending and it's not satire. You really are that stupid! HAHAHA

Everytime you open your cheebye mouth, you prove that you are indeed a baboon. fun. Please don't get vaccinated and jackpot get covid19 nice nice and die. The world can use one less hillbilly. You are a waste of space and taking up precious air.

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