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Old 28-11-2022, 09:12 PM
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The Well Hung Cab Driver

On the Saturday night before I flew off, I met up for dinner with 3 of my girlfriends (Melba, Janice and Iris) whom I used to go disco-ing with in our younger years. During dinner, we reminisced the good old days and one incident came to mind which I like to share with my Sammy brothers.

It was in the late 90s and we girls spent many Friday and Saturday nights at Zouk off Kim Seng Road. I was then a young undergrad. One night we all challenged ourselves not to get picked up and to go as a group and at the end of night, go home together (and not go off with our catch of the night as we often do).

We danced to nearly closing time then decided to call it a night. On stepping out of the building we realised it was raining cats and dogs. There was a long queue for cabs so we decided to brave the downpour and run to the main road to catch a passing cab. We finally managed to hail one down and quickly hopped in. By then, we were completely drenched.

I was wearing a white lace camisole with a micro-mini wrap around skirt. Beneath I was wearing matching white lace panties. I was braless. The wet camisole clung tightly to my wet body and my slightly erect nipples (due to the coldness) could be seen quite clearly through the flimsy lace material.

The cab driver immediately turned off the air-conditioner and said, “better not have air-conditioning or you might catch a cold.” Being seated in the front, I turned to thank him and was taken in by his stature. He was very tall for a Chinese. His head almost touched the roof of the car and those thighs of his, they were like tree trunks.

Anyway, my attention was redirected when the girls started talking.

Iris: Did you girls have any luck?
Mel: I kinda like the guy I was dancing with.
Jan: I am sure you do, judging from the way you let him grind his groin into your crotch.
Mel: And he has a dick like a huge European salami.
Iris: How you know?
Mel: He let me touch mah. Very the big… bigger than Dan’s. (Dan is her fuckbuddy in campus)
Me: Aiyoh how to compare with Dan. He is not so big, average only.
Jan: Mei you ever see Dan’s?
Me: Ya lah, he was my boyfriend then I pass to Mel mah. Not only see, ever suck for him and he cums so fast. May be now improve liao, is it Mel? (The cab driver turned to look at me and smiled.)
Mel: No lah, he still cums quite fast. I always shake out first then suck so can last longer 2nd time. Anyway, we exchanged numbers so wait see if he will contact me.
Jan: What does he work as?
Mel: He say some French bank.
Iris: Wah… big cock some more got money. Does he drive?
Mel: Ya… BMW. We went to his car and he let me touch his cock.
Jan: Only touch meh…. I dun believe you.
Me: Ya lor… where got touch never do more, knowing what a slut you are.
Mel: Ya lor got take out and blow short while then his hp rang. His friends called so we go back into Zouk.
Iris: What about you Mei?
Me: Nothing much lah but got this young army officer quite nice body. Dance and he keep grabbing my bums. Few times I feel his cock touch my body. Not erect but I think got aroused little bit. Nothing else happen.
Me: What about you two? Anything?
Iris: I flirted with few boys but none interest me.
Jan: I went with one guy to his car also. Sucked for him… damn long time before he shoot. He also touched me and make me cum in my panties.

Then we reached Kallang and that was where Iris and Janice got off. When we were alone, the cab driver started a conversation with me.

CD: How old are you girls?
Me: 19
CD: Wah… so young already go Zouk. You like dancing?
Me: Ya. You like too?
CD: Used to when younger. Now cannot. Got wife and children so must work hard. No more play play.
Me: But bro, you look young still what.
CD: I uncle liao. Just turned 30.
Me: 30 still young lah.
CD: Where got young… bird not strong anymore.
Me: (giggling) why bird no strength is it.
CD: last time can fuck 3 times in a row, now fuck wife one time tired liao… cock also cannot stand anymore.
Me: now can stand or not.
CD: now got mood but cock still sleeping … all your talk about sucking cock make me horny liao.
Me: really hah…(stretch my hand to touch him between his legs). Bro, still soft leh, why not hard.
CD: not so fast hard lah. You must touch touch and I also touch touch then can hard mah.
Me: oh liddat huh.

Suddenly he filtered out from the PIE at the Eunos exit. “Bro where are you heading? This is not the way to Bedok.”

CD: Let’s go somewhere quiet so we can touch touch. Want or not?
Me: (no need for words). I began to fondle his cock through his pants.

He drove to a large car park near the East Coast Parkway. It was already past 2am but there were several cars, all parked at a distance from each other.

CD: tonight raining so many horny couples come here
Me: (giggling) like you lor.
CD: you not horny meh
Me: not yet lah

He parked at one corner of the car park away from the other cars. Releasing his safety belt, he bent over me to help release mine. Then his head went straight for my tits, sucking on my nipples while his large hands reached beneath my skit. He said, “some more say not horny, your chee bye already so wet.”

He pushed my panties to one side and inserted one finger inside my pussy. I was beginning to feel good and clenched my thighs, not wanting him to release his finger. I whispered, “I cum very fast.” He immediately pushed his finger all the way in then withdrew it, leaving only the nail covered portion inside me before driving it all the way in again. He did it at a steady pace, all the while sucking my nipples, one after the other.

I was really feeling good and my body started writhing around in my seat as he slowly picked up speed. Then I felt another finger entering me. He continued to drive his fingers in and out of my very wet pussy but at a much faster speed sending chills up my spine. My entire body trembled and I knew I was not far from climaxing. My hand reached to his crotch to fondle his cock and I was pleased his cock has grown slightly larger.

Instead of just finger fucking me, he was now scratching my cuntal walls with the tips of his fingers. He searched for my g-spot and found it. The tip of his index finger concentrated on pleasurising my g-spot and within seconds, I felt the first wave of orgasm coming on. My whole body trembled and I cried out, “arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh… argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Stop stop stop… no don’t stop don’t stop…. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood, arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I felt those tingling sensation that never seemed to stop. It went on for a full minute before I finally relaxed and he stopped fingering me. He took his mouth off from my nipple, at the same time, he took his finger out from my pussy. He brought it to his nose to sniffed it exclaiming, “you are really wet and it smells so nice.” Then putting his finger into his mouth, he said, “taste nice too.”

Then he moved back, reclined his seat and said, “now your turn baby.”

I leaned over to his side, planted my lips on his and we began Frenching. My hand reached down to fondle his growing dick in his pants. To my disappointment, it was still not fully hard. He told me to remove his pants. I unhooked his pants and slowly pulled down the zipper. He lifted his bums and I pulled his pants down and let it fall around his ankles. He wore blue striped boxer shorts. There was a lump in his boxers. I touched it and it felt enormous. I continue to fondle it and then he whispered in my ear, “babe I will not get hard this way. You need to use your mouth.”

I pulled his boxer shorts down and it joined his pants around his ankles. I was taken aback by the dimension of his organ. It was only half hard but it was already the same length of most fully erect dicks that I had seen or sucked. And the thickness of its girth was astounding. I wondered how much bigger it could get.

He gave out a little laughter saying, “shocked at the size of my cock? My wife almost fainted when she saw it for the first time on our wedding night.” “Suck it baby if you want to find out what its real size is.”

I began to stroke it, pulling the long foreskin all the way back to expose the reddish glans. Then my mouth went below to lick his balls. He shrieked and said, “no cannot lick my balls, very ticklish, cannot tahan.” He pulled my head upwards and away from his balls and placed his cock head at my mouth.

I opened my mouth and let his cock head slip in. Wrapping my lips around his cock head, I used the tip of my tongue to make circular swirls around it. It felt soft and rubbery. He sank into his seat and opened up his thighs although there wasn’t much room for his tree-trunk thighs.

His half hard cock was already too big for my mouth so I had to use my hands to stroke the base of his shaft as I licked his crown. It took quite a long time for his cock to finally gain more weight but still it wasn’t fully erect – after licking his cock head for nearly 10 minutes his cock was at most 75% erect.

Me: Cannot hard one is it? Suck so long liao still only three quarters hard.
CD: Big cocks take longer time to hard mah, need more blood to go down there.

Not giving up, I tried to take in his cock into my mouth to give it proper suction. I managed to suck in 5 inches of his cock and continued to suck it like a nice gigantic lollipop. Then finally I felt his cock twitching in my mouth. I knew then that it had become erect although not 100%. I used my hand to squeeze the bottom half of his shaft and it felt warm and nicely hard.

CD: See, now hard liao.
Me: Wah…. So long and thick. How long is it?
CD: Dunno, never measure but many girls say the largest they have tasted. Some refused to let me fuck them because they scared pain.

I took the Ikea measuring tape from my purse and measured it and I announced, “we have a winner. Eight and a quarter inches long.” He laughed and said, “you measure all the cocks you suck is it.”

Without replying him, I took his thick long cock into my mouth and began working on it and, yes, I had to work really hard. I had to lick his glans, suck his cock, masturbated him for like half an hour before his giant cock finally became 100% hard and stiff. He was starting to enjoy it more. He timed the forward movement of his hips with the downward movement of my mouth. We continued this synchronised action for a further 15 minutes before his breathing became heavier and his gasping became louder.

By now his hands had moved from my breasts to the top of my head. He was pressing my head downwards as he began to fuck my mouth, his elongated stiffen member sliding in and out. Each time he plunged his massive weapon into my oral orifice, I could feel the head of his organ strike the back of my throat before it slid down my gullet. It caused me to gag and I had to control my pharyngeal muscles to avoid choking on his humongous organ.

Soon he got so excited he increased the speed of the fucking motion. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable but in order not to make it less enjoyable for him, I put up with it. He became rough, pulling at my hair (but fortunately not in too rough a manner as to cause me pain) and pressing my face down on his crotch, all at the same time. With his other hand, he was squeezing my breasts, alternating from one to the other.

The action got really hot and I could feel the car bouncing under his weight. And then it happened. With one final thrust of his gigantic cock deep down my gullet, he gave out a very loud groan and uttered, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, here I cum babe. Take it all babe, drink it all up.”

I felt his cock head expanding at my throat and with each throb of his cock, I could feel the warm trickle of thick goo flowing down my gullet. He cummed a copious amount of semen with each spurt. So thick I almost choked on sperm. Altogether I counted 11 spurts of fresh cum in my mouth.

After his last spurt, he let go of my head and I immediately got up for fresh air. My hand grasped his cock as if I wanted more but he pried my hand from his cock and said, “don’t touch it, it gets ultra sensitive and can be painful sometimes.”

With that, he helped me settle into my own seat, pulled his boxer shorts and pants up. He handed me a packet of tissue and told me to clean up some remains of his semen that has flowed out from my mouth. Then he kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipple before saying, “thanks babe. Shall we go?”
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Old 28-11-2022, 11:34 PM
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Re: The Memoirs of luv2suck

Solid post sister luv2suck.
You must a wild thing in your younger years and probably haven’t stop since. Thanks for sharing your sucking escapades. 😋
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Old 29-11-2022, 02:36 AM
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Thumbs up Re: The Memoirs of luv2suck

Really love the update
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Old 29-11-2022, 04:29 AM
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Re: The Memoirs of luv2suck

Thanks for the story so far
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Old 30-11-2022, 07:53 AM
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Re: The Memoirs of luv2suck

Luckily there was no penetrative sex only oral between the naughty TS sis n the cab driver in his cab in her latest sharing...the driver is fortunate to hv the chance to play with her pussy
MIN to EXC > POWER...5

Pls PM me if I haven return favor

A thing of beauty is a joy forever ! John Keats....if u do find one, make sure u Love, Honour & Treasure HER..all the days of yr life..
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Undergrad Staycation

I am back here in Hong Kong and of course back to work. On the Saturday before I flew back, I met up with three of my closest uni friends and we talked and laughed over the stuff we did together. Besides that night at Zouk we also had a fantastic staycation or rather sexcapade at a government chalet at Fairy Point. Here is the story.

The students from the School of Accountancy organised a 3D 2N staycation at a huge bungalow at Fairy Point. On the first night (Friday), a small group of us who made up the organising team met up for lunch at Changi Village. There were 3 guys and 4 of us girls (Melba, Janice, Iris and I). After lunch, we went to a nearby grocery store to stock up on food to last the weekend.

After checking in to the bungalow, we all changed into our swimwear and headed down to the beach. The guys were wearing board shorts while we girls wore short kimonos. Being a Friday, we had that stretch of beach to ourselves. We found a corner to spread out our picnic sheets. The boys shucked their board shorts and were hovering around in their speedos while we girls slowly removed our kimonos revealing the colourful bikinis we had on.

Simon was the first to give out a loud wolf whistle followed by the other two guys – Jackie and Rolf. The boys ran towards the water and plunged in, waving at us to join them. Soon we were all in the water, frolicking and making merry. We played ‘try to catch us’ – we girls were supposed to try catching the boys but they were too fast for us.

My eyes were set on Rolf, who was a member of our faculty’s swim team. At 10 ft 10ins, he was the tallest of the 3 boys. Face wise, he wasn’t the best looking (that trophy goes to Simon who is a Simon Yam look-alike). But his body – all the girls drooled over his V-shaped bod, his pecs, his biceps and his abs. I couldn’t take my eyes away from his naked body.

Anyway, I made a mental note to catch him from underwater. While the other three girls were trying to catch them by swimming after them. I dove under water and stayed still. When I saw him approaching, I stretched out my hands and tried to catch hold of his body. Unintentionally, I got hold of his abdomen but he lunged forward and in one swift moment my hand caught hold of his trunks which slid down his thighs. For a very brief moment, I had a glimpse of his family jewels. He quickly pulled his speedos up and swam away from me. Pity I didn't get to see his goods more clearly.

When we had enough of play, got back to dry land. All our bodies were wet and glistening in the sun. The boys were walking in front of us while we girls were admiring their naked bodies and giggling as we cooed at their half-nakedness.

Then our naughty conversation started:

Iris: who do you think has the nicest body?
Jan: Rolf, needless to say. Just look at those pecs and abs.
Mel: But I think Simon has the handsomest face, just like that Hong Kong actor.
Jan: Jack’s body also not bad leh. His nipples so huge and black. (and we all burst out laughing).
Me: I think Rolf has a good body, good enough for me to lick him all over.
Mel: So you lusting over his body is it?
Me: No lah… just stating facts mah.
Iris: Simon’s bulge looks the biggest of the three. I think his cock is the biggest. (all burst out laughing again).

The boys turned back and asked to share our jokes. We replied saying we better get back fast before the sun sets. On reaching the chalet, we had a quick shower, went through the programme for the next night – the big night where the whole class of 38 would be present. There was going to be a BBQ followed by dancing and adult games like Truth or Dare.

After we finalised the programme, we headed down to Changi Village for dinner. I sat myself next to Rolf. Because all 7 of us were seated around the standard hawker centre table meant for 5, it was a tight squeeze. My body was practically touching Rolf’s. After dinner we had a few rounds of beer. I could feel Rolf’s body against me and feeling inebriated, I began to rest my hand on his thigh. He didn’t push it away but seemed to enjoy it.

Melba suggested going back to the chalet and continue drinking there. The boys agreed and so off we went. Once we got into the chalet, we crashed on the sofas in the main living room. Rolf was sitting at a corner of the sofa while I slumped myself across it with my feet resting on his thighs.

“Your feet must be tired after all that walking,” Rolf said as he began massaging my feet. “Feel good,” he asked. I simply nodded my head and continued talking to the girls. Simon was sitting on the floor between Melba and Janice. Jackie shared the other sofa with Iris, his hands over her shoulders.

Out of the blue, Melba asked, “hey Simon, who do you think looks best in bikini?” Simon replied that all four of us looked fantastic. Then he added, “but I think you have the nicest pair of melons,” and all the boys burst out laughing. Then Rolf chipped in, “cheers to Melba, you just won the big boobs of the weekend contest. But wait till you see Rahimah’s tomorrow. She has boobs the size of giant papayas.” Everyone laughed and then Melba stood up, pulled down her tube and challenged the boys, “are you sure hers are bigger than these?” The boys looked up at her and made wolf calls at her. Then she did the most surprising thing by challenging the boys, “now that you have seen my melons, when are you guys showing me your fruits?”

Jackie was the first to drop his berms exposing his tight-fitting red Renoma briefs and a prominent bulge. Iris then chipped in, “what about you two?” (looking in the way of Simon and Rolf).

Simon stood up, pulled down his jogging shorts. We were all stunned at what we saw. He was wearing low waisted bikini style briefs. His huge bulge was threatening to burst out of his skimpy underwear. He gyrated his hips to the loud music playing in the background and I was mesmerised by the way his bulge was bouncing to the music.

Rolf who was crouching at the corner of the sofa wasn't sure what his next step should be. Melba shouted across the room to Rolf, “hey cutie, it’s your turn.”

I egged him on to drop his berms. He stood up and slowly unbuttoned the top of his berms, lowered the zip and let them fall to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his family jewels were exposed to everyone. Melba stood up and hugged him and began to dance with him, pressing her groin against his slowly hardening dick. I felt a tinge of jealousy but pretended to focus my attention on Simon instead.

Grabbing Simon’s hands, I began to dance with him. Jackie danced with the other 2 girls who were touching him all over. Then from the corner of my eyes I saw Iris fondling his bulge as his head was bent downwards kissing Janice’s breasts.

I moved in on Simon to French him and his hands immediately grabbed my buttocks caressing them as he pressed himself tight against my body. I could feel his hardness piercing into the softness of my crotch. We continued dancing in that position until I felt his hands moving up from my bums upwards to unzip my blouse to remove it. He was surprised that I was not wearing any bra but was pleased. He let me blouse fall off midway revealing my tits to his view. He pressed my body tightly to his body, feeling the softness of my breast against his own muscled body. We continued dancing like this for the next 15 minutes or so until we head a soft moan. We scanned around the room and saw that Iris, Janice and Jackie had moved on to the far corner of the room. He was sprawled on the floor in the nude. Janice was busy giving him a blowjob while Iris was sitting on his face. I could see he was enjoying his hairy meal and Janice too was enjoying her evening snack.

At another corner of the room, Melba was kneeling in front of Rolf who was leaning against the wall. She was busy sucking his fully erect cock. From the distance, his family jewel didn’t look all that big and I felt a little disappointed.

Simon whispered to me, “shall we get undressed?” Without waiting for an answer from me, he removed his bikini briefs. His humongous cock sprang out at full mast, pointing at the ceiling. Then he helped to remove my blouse and denim shorts and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t wearing any panties. "Wow Mei, you ready for some hot action huh?" He held me in a tight embrace and we kissed. Then his head dove down to my chest and he took one nipple in his mouth while his fingers played and tweaked my other nipple. I was immediately aroused by his touch. My hand reached between our bodies and clenched onto his hard male organ. It was nice to the touch, warm and hard yet rubbery. I stroke it, pulling his foreskin up and down. He moaned and said, “slowly Mei or I will cum in your delicate hands.” I stopped as I wanted the action to last.

He guided me to the large armchair and made me sit on it. Then kneeling between my legs, he spread them wide apart and began to slip his fingers into my snatch. One finger first and then another until 3 were inside me. Then he began to move them in and out of me feeling my wetness. “Wow, Mei you sure are wet.” He brought his index finger to his nose and sniffed it and exclaimed that the aroma of my juice is heavenly. “Mei, I can feel my cock twitching just by the scent of your cunt.” Then his face was on my snatch as his tongue invaded the most private part of my body. He must have had much practice from the way his tongue was teasing me there. I could feel the tension coming over me. He inserted the tip of his tongue into my cunt and left it there to lick around my clitoris. This sent a wave of sensation up my spine. I couldn’t hold it back and let out a loud moan. He took my clitoris between his lips and began to suck on it, the tip of his tongue licking it at the same time. This was all it took for me to climax as I let go a long shriek, “arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, cummmmmmmmmmmmming, cummmmmmmmmming,…” He continued to tease my clitoris with his mouth until I begged him to stop. Waves after waves of orgasm flowed through my body causing my body to writhe in pleasure in the armchair. I was trying to move my pussy away from his mouth but he held me tight, not letting go of his mouth. Finally, when it was just too much for me, he let go of me and my body slumped down onto the chair. I was in a daze. Was it due to the orgasm he just gave me or was it the beer? I couldn't think straight at that moment. I have had sex with several boys over the months but no one had given me such a tremendous orgasm. I just sat on the chair trying to recover from that orgasmic experience. Then through my daze I saw him placing his enormous erection onto my lips. I was too intoxicated to do anything but just stared at his dong waving in front of me. Unable to get any action from me, he began stroking his cock and within minutes, he shot his hot spunk all over my face.

I looked across the room to see what they others were doing but everything was just a blur. But I could hear the girls moaning and the guys groaning out loud as they too reached their own climaxes. Simon carried me to the bedroom and we slept there together.

We heard the cock crow and when I opened my eyes and saw Simon was lying next to me. He was staring at me with smiling eyes. I looked down and saw in his hand a fully erect cock. “Just looking at your naked body is making me hard,” he said and then he inched up to me and gave me a kiss on the mouth.

I took his erect cock in my hands and said, “need help with this?” and began to masturbate him. I told him I wanted to watch is sperm shooting out as that always made me excited. He nodded his head and leaned back on his pillow. I leaned my chest to his face and he began to suck my nipples as I stroke his cock, moving his prepuce back and forth until his precum started flowing out of his slit. He whispered to me, “you need to exert more pressure and do it fast to make me cum.” I squeezed his cock harder with my fingers and stroke his cock faster. From the way he was sucking and biting my tits, I knew he was enjoying my hand on his cock. I increased the speed and then I heard him murmur, “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, keep it up Mei. Think I am gonna cum soon. Just keep the pace. Touch my balls.”

With one hand stroking his throbbing cock, my other hand fondled his ball sac. His body tensed and he gave out a loud groan and then his cock twitched in my hand. The first volley of goo shot out from his tiny slit followed by another and yet another. He shot out a total of 8 volleys of hot sticky spunk, all of which landed all over his chest and abdomen.

After I have squeezed the last drop of semen from his balls, he said to me, “clean up my body.” I bent across his body to get the tissue but he said, “use your mouth.” Like a good girl, I used my tongue to slurp up the puddle of semen on his body making sure not to leave any behind. Then we proceeded to the bathroom and showered. He spent an inordinately long time washing my pussy making sure it was squeaky clean. I, on the other hand, spent a long time washing clean his family jewels. When we left the bathroom, Simon was walking with a huge erection and so we returned to the bed and this time he fucked me and unleashed a fresh supply of warm creamy spunk up my chute.
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Thumbs up Re: The Memoirs of luv2suck

Thanks for the update, really enjoyed it reading it
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Secondary School Adventures

Am on MC today due to sore throat and cough. Did ART and it was negative. Hope it's nothing too serious. Anyway it is nice to stay home and rest and enjoy the long weekend. I thought I should take this free time to share about a year end class party when I was in secondary school.

The party was held in a sprawling house up in Bukit Timah belonging to a relative of one of my classmates. His name was Tommy. I was at the party venue earlier than the others so we spent the time taking a stroll around the open space around his relative's house. There were other houses but they were quite far apart from each other.

As we were walking through the woods, he was pointing out lots of hidden
places off the trail, and at one spot I commented 'Looks like a good place
to get have some fun,' to see what his reaction would be.

He said, 'it would be if there was somebody to have fun with,' and smiled at me.

'Have you ever gotten one?' I asked, and he replied, 'sure. Sally from the next class likes to suck cock, and she has give blowjobs to several of the boys in our class.'

'Really?' I replied 'She must have a reputation for herself.'

'Not really, we keep it a secret. If word got around it would all end, and I like
the blowjobs... not many of the girls in school are willing to give free blowjobs.'

I looked down and saw that he was already hard just talking about it, and when I looked back up saw that he'd noticed me staring at his hardon.

'It be nice to have Sally here now,' he said. 'I'm horny just thinking about her lips wrapped around my cock.' Then turning to me, he asked, 'Have you ever sucked a cock?'

I thought about that for a few seconds - should I tell the truth or should I pretend to be new to this? Anyway, I had nothing to lose and I really wanted to blow Tommy. So I replied, 'well, I did once with one of my neighbours.'

I then took a deep breath and blurted out 'Do you want me to blow you? Would you keep it a secret?'

'Sure' he said, and he reached down and opened his jeans and let his cock
spring out. It was very large for a kid his age, probably close to 6 inches
with a tapered cock head, and my eyes were glued to it as I dropped to my
knees in front of him and slipped my lips around his cock.

Remembering what Uncle Rodney had taught me, I covered my teeth and began to gently suck on the head, and Tommy moaned. The warm cock felt wonderful in my mouth, and I began to use my tongue as I slowly moved my lips up and down his shaft.

'That feels great,' he said, and I kept licking and sucking and soon I could
taste a few drops of salty liquid flow onto my tongue.

I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth and saw that his eyes were
shut and he was making soft noises of pleasure.

'That feels so great,' he said. This encouraged me to suck a little harder and move my mouth a little faster over his cock. Out of the blue, he grunted and a blast of his cum spewed directly down my throat.

I almost choked, but instead of backing out, I moved my mouth back so only his cock head was between my lips. My tongue continued to lick his slit as he continued to empty his balls onto my tongue. I swallowed his hot semen as he unloaded them onto my tongue. Even after he was done cumming I still gently sucked on his cock and finally he got soft in my mouth and pulled it out.

'Wow,' he said, 'you swallowed too.' Sally never swallows it, she always spits it out.'

I stood up quickly, embarrassed and nervous, but he said, 'don't worry about
it Mei. I won't tell anyone and you can blow me any time you want.'

We walked back to the house. The other guests were soon arriving for the party. Most of them were our classmates but there were some of his family friends too.

Halfway through the party, he whispered to me, 'Mei, I am horny. Shall we take a walk in the woods?'

So we quietly left the party and headed to the woods, to the same spot that we were at that afternoon. I was on my knees sucking his dick, and he started slowly fucking my mouth. I got really aroused so I let my hand go under my skirt and slowly played with my pussy. I was feeling good and moaning softly as his cock slid in and out of my hungry mouth.

Tommy said 'Mei, you seem to really love doing this,' and I moaned in
reply, and then he said 'Want me to bring a few friends over one of these
days?', and I just moaned again, and then he held my head and pushed his 6-inch cock all the way down to my throat and began spurting his warm creamy cum.

And when the taste hit the back of my throat I inserted my finger into my cunt and moaned loudly as I too cummed. After I recovered from my orgasm, we both dressed and got ready to get back to the party. I was totally drained as we walked back to the house but feeling good.

A few days later Tommy contacted me and invited me to his flat since his parents and younger brother have gone out for the day. I showed up at his flat a couple of hours later. On entering his flat, I saw there were three other lads sitting in the living room.

They were introduced to me as Bill, Ted, and Dennis. I joined them on the sofa and drinks were served all around. No one was talking much and I was getting a little nervous. Then Tommy turned to me and said, 'these are the
guys I told you I like you to meet.'

I'd forgotten all about him asking, and turned red and said, 'I didn't say
yes,' but he said, 'too late now.' 'No worries, they'll keep this as our little secret.'

And then he turned to them and said, 'watch this guys,' as he dropped his
pants and turned to me. I was just standing there stunned, but he pushed
down on my shoulders with both hands and I slid to my knees and soon had his hard erect cock in my mouth.

With Bill, Ted, and Dennis watching I began to suck Tommy's cock. At first, Tommy slid his cock in and out of my mouth slowly. Then suddenly, he held my head tightly in place and began slowly fucking my mouth, sending all six inches of his cock deep into my mouth, his cockhead touching my throat each time he plunged his cock deep into my mouth. I involuntarily moaned, and
reached down for my zipper and putting my hand into my jeans, began to play with my fanny. I could hear comments from the other guys - look at her, she is loving what Tommy is doing to her.

I was lost in the sensation of having Tommy's cock fucking my mouth and that old familiar feeling that was building up within my pussy when when Tommy announced, 'I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming.' I slipped my lips out to the end as he moaned and shot off the first powerful spurt into my mouth. The first spurt was followed by several more and I began swallowing not wanting to waste any of his precious goo.

Not until Tommy pulled out his softening cock out from my mouth did I realise what I'd done. Here I was on my knees, playing with my own pussy with fresh cum sliding down my throat and a few drops on my chin while three other horny guys were staring at me with lust on their faces.

But when the next guy, Bill, dropped his pants and stepped in front of me,
I did what I do best. I had my lips around it and began sucking him. His dick was only about 5 inches long but was extremely thick and fat.

He got hard quickly and then got forceful and began thrusting hard and fast
in and out of my mouth. Because his cock was shorter than Tommy's, he didn't go all the way into my throat but I still started gagging and choking, and pulled away mainly because of the very thick girth of his fat cock. 'I'll puke on you if you keep doing that,' I said. Catching my breath I said, 'let me
do the work.'

So I began giving him a slow blowjob, using my tongue and curling my lips around his girth. I then began slowly suctioning his entire cock, and finally speeding up gradually until he grunted and a huge splash of warm cum hit the roof of my mouth.

He must not have cummed for several days because splash after splash shot
into my mouth and my mouth was filling up. His cum tasted very robust and
musky, and was fairly watery and when I started swallowing it just flowed
down my gullet fairly quickly.

Ted was next, maybe 5", and he was totally hard the minute he dropped his
pants, and it wasn't 30 seconds after I had my warm slippery mouth around
him when he groaned and my mouth was filled again, and I gulped it all down.

Dennis was last, and when he dropped his pants I was stunned. He was still
soft and his cock was different from the other boys. He had an extremely long foreskin which hung loosely at the end of his cock. His flaccid cock was small and looked rather thin.

I honestly didn't know what to do to it, but he reached down and pulled back
his prepuce exposing his pinkish crown. With his foreskin rolled back, his cock looked more normal though there was no distinct head.

I reached up and pulled back on the foreskin like he'd done and took him in
my mouth. He seemed really sensitive and moaned immediately so I began to
very gently suck and lick at the end of his cock and to my surprise it
quickly almost tripled in length.

It was still very slender but his tiny cock had grown to at least 8 inches in length. I explored it with my mouth, got it coated with my saliva and glisteningly wet. I love his foreskin which reminded me of Uncle Rodney's but still not as long and didn't have as much wrinkled folds. But I like it anyway. I held on tightly to his cock. Even with my fist at the base of his shaft, there was still at least 4 inches left exposed. And since it was slender, I managed to get it all into my mouth without much difficulty.

Dennis was the most responsive of the boys, moaning softly with every time he plunged his cock deep into my mouth. He was taking a while to cum. He began to slowly pump his long lance in and out of my mouth while my fingers were busy playing with my pussy. This went on for at least another 10 minutes or so then his cock flared open like a faucet and instead of spurting the cum began to flow down my throat.

The texture of his semen was very thick and ropy and had a spicy and musky taste, and as my mouth literally began to fill up, I started swallowing. The first large glob of spunk was caught in my throat because of its density but I quickly got use to it. The subsequent loads flowed down my gullet effortlessly. Before his final outflow of thick semen, his bent down and his hand reached under my skirt. His finger entered my wet and slippery cunt and masturbated me. Within seconds of his touching me, I felt my orgasm cumming on and screamed out loud, 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Dennissssssssssss, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming.'

After my orgasm had subsided, he took his finger out of my cunt, brought it to his nose and sniffed the sweetness of my love juices. Then we heard a knock on the door.

Ramon quickly pulled up his pants, and the rest of the boys started to get seated and pretended to be watching whatever was showing on the TV screen.

I was still catching my breath but managed to swiftly stand up and pulled up my panties. Tommy opened the door and was relieved that it was only the postman delivering a registered mail meant for his father.
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Re: Secondary School Adventures

Nice update sis!
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