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💋 91744155 💋 Chloe(34D Boobs), Singapore Chinese & Ex MILF OL in Merchandising Sale

Hello Guys..�� My name is Chloe & Iím an Singapore Born Chinese & Ex OL in Merchandising , Now Independent ML , Professional masseuse based at Central CBD , Singapore .

A Sexy & Busty Singapore Chinese & Ex OL , Skillful In EROTIC Massage & Guarantee To Make You A Very Happy Man.

NO Photo of Face will be provided due to Discreet reason ,
I don't want to be recognise by Relatives or Friends

☎ : 91744155 ( SMS / Call / Whatsapp)

❤️❤️❤️ ACCEPTS ALL RACES ❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️ Allow : Frenching & BJ / BBBJ ( Subject To Hygiene ), Painting, CatBath, CIM & Fj ❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️ Not Allow : Raw, Anal , Ass Rimming , Swallowing , No HouseCall & No Rough Sex ❤️❤️❤️

I Understand English & Mandarin & works from MON - SAT ( LATEST Timing At Bottom Of This Post ) .

Men of all races & nationality are welcomed to visit my place for a great Massage & Fun time with Me

Name: Chloe ( Singapore Born Chinese , Ex OL & Present MILF )

Age: Middle 30's

Attitude: Service Oriented, Professional & Friendly Lady

Complexion & Body: PORCELAIN White Skin , Busty & Curvy & Tone body !

Boobs: Firm , Natural & Soft 34D��

Height: 1.68cm

Weight: 55kg ( My Boobs are Huge & Firm )

Look: Sexy & Seductive Looking Babe with Curves at Right area of the body

Language: Please Call Or Text In Chinese Or English Only

Location: SAFE & DISCREET place at CENTRAL CBD area with Plenty Of Parking Lots Nearby ( Incall Only )
( Outcall Not Available At The Moment )

������ Large Cozy Room Included Shower Cubicle ������

☎ : 91744155 ( SMS / Call / Whatsapp)

������ Price/Rates - $260 / 1Hr Body Massage Package With 1 HJ or FJ ( Room & Condoms Included )������

Language: Chinese & English Sms & Calls Are Welcome .

❤️❤️❤️ Working From Monday to Saturday ❤️❤️❤️

������ $260 / 1Hr Body Massage Package With 1 HJ / FJ ( Room & Condoms Included ) ������

WORKING HOURS - 11 am - 7 pm ( Monday - Friday )

WORKING HOURS - 11 am - 6 pm ( Saturday - Advance Booking )

☎ : 91744155 ( SMS / Call / Whatsapp)

Payment Only when you engage my services and come to my place , NO Transfer required.

Originally Posted by marlboro1818 View Post
������������ Support support. Good gem not to be missed
Originally Posted by jonwk711 View Post
Lovely lady. It was a special treat to meet Chloe! Thanks for the great time. Definitely will be back again!
Originally Posted by Iskruz View Post
Worth the $$$
Place is clean and discreet
Originally Posted by jayded View Post
long time lurker, but new year new beginnings so here's my 2 cents on Chloe:

Location was very discreet (one might say "最危险的地方,也就是最安全的地方").
Nice spacious room with an elevated shower.

Went in a bit blind on this one due to the lack of FR, but was pleasantly surprised when Chloe came through the door.

From some angles, looks a little bit like a younger & slimmer Yuri Nikaido

Had a pleasant chat about upcoming travel plans and experiences, while she prepared for the massage.


Quite normal, but skilful and thorough with legs and thighs. Relaxing and chatty throughout, but might not be for bros who like harder types of massage.

(Disclaimer that I am on the larger side, so personally prefer masseuses who are not afraid to lean their body weight in.)

*Main event:*

Chloe undressed to show off her lovely pair of double Ds (I always enjoy a good show from the side mirror).

She then got on top of me and pressed them onto my back as she started servicing me lovingly from behind.

After she got my blood sufficiently flowing by teasing the appropriate sensitive areas, we turned around and she treated my 2IC to a thorough and loving blow. I'm not normally not one for BJs, but appreciated her enthusiasm and "heat" treatment skills, all the while running my hands through her long silky hair.

Chloe then got on top of me (lovely view of the mountains btw), and whispered seductively " it ok if I go on top first?"

She then slipped my throbbing cock into herself with a soft moan, and guided my hands over her lovely firm cups.
Couldn't resist sucking on them as she began arching slowly back and riding me. After a while, she then dug in her legs around mine and began humping frenetically.

I almost came there and then, had to request to change to missionary. Wasn't on my best form that day however, finished very shortly afterwards in our 2nd position (sorry again babe).


Looks: 2nd photo doesn't really do Chloe justice. As mentioned, she resembles Yuri Nikaido from some angles, cheerful and smiling throughout.
Body: Young MILF as advertised, curvy in the right places. "Boobs are Huge & Firm" indeed.
BJ: I'm not super into BJs so would not be the best judge, but thorough and enthusiastic.
FJ: Rides like a champion. Would have loved to try doggy but ran out of steam, maybe next time.
GFE: no airs, like the classy older sister / cousin you had a crush on. I'm a little on the younger side, so YMMV.

RTF: If I'm in the area again, why not? Just a shame that operating hours end a little early, but bros working in CBD will no doubt find the location very convenient.

Please treat this classy and serviced oriented lady well! She'll be going away for the holiday season very soon, so don't miss out on your slots.

Have a great 2019 folks! Happy hunting
Originally Posted by jd12345 View Post
Booked Chloe for a session and wasn't disappointed.

Location: Got slightly lost but eventually found the place; discreet location

Looks: Very smiley, cheerful lady with pleasant features
Figure: Top points for this since I'm a big fan of boobs
GFE: Chatty and engaging throughout which helped with the overall mood
FJ: Accomodating with various positions during the session;riding skills are top-notch
Overall: Do treat her well, the session definitely didn't disappoint! 10/10 would recommend
Originally Posted by hellobye View Post
Just tried her recently.
Place is discreet and clean with nice smell. Chloe reminds me of those milf OL you worked with in those big company who you always want to screw. Boobs are a handful, skins are smooth and porcelain like. Opt for erotic massage with focus on my ass only and finished off with her down on her knees and wank off into her mouth which she took in like a champ. will definately return and try for FJ next cause i believe the experience will be like banging an OL milf.
Originally Posted by Glam View Post
Great service as per other FRs. Location is nice too
Originally Posted by ErikMelhus View Post
Finally got to try this much talked about girl. Not disappointed at all. She's pretty and tall.
Location is in the CBD area so perfect for office workers for a quick one over lunch or afternoon break. Chloe is one attractive lady exuding lots of charm. She speaks intelligently and breaks the ice easily. Her sexy boobs are evident in the tight dress she wears.
She gave me a reasonably comfortable massage. I didn't mind it even if she were to just do the massage all session. She turned me over and then massaged my groin area with heat... Sensual blow was given to me and didn't take too long for me cock to wake up.
The sex was pleasant and Chloe knows the drill. She could guess what position I liked. She went on top, grinded me and pounded herself on me. We switched to doggy and her pussy was just so tight there. Fucked her for quite a while before switching to missionary where her swinging boobs were in full glorious view of me. Screwed her another few hundred strokes before shooting onto her beautiful boobies.
I work out of town but if I'm going to customer side with time to spare, I'll head to her again.
Originally Posted by wellabo View Post
Great experience with Chloe. Super pleasant and friendly, great attitude, focused on service, really likes fast and hard action as well.
Originally Posted by peiyee80 View Post
Tried Chloe.
Got to the location. Single shower. Then settled for the massage. More of a sensual massage. Asked for a capped BJ. Not bad. Could do more balls and around the area. Got to main course with her on top. Damn she was tight. Frenched a but thenFinished off in missionary.
Overall MILF so donít expect a syt. Natural big boobs. Good gfe.
Originally Posted by mart0 View Post
Had a nice session with Chloe

Started with a sensual massage, her porcelain smooth legs brushing on me is already a turn-on. She got on top, and I can confirm what other bros say, she does ride like a champ! The view on her natural D-cups jiggling throughout the session is a sight to behold.
Originally Posted by giornorrati View Post
My First FR: Chloe

Had been planning to get to her place when I had time (was actually planning to lose my virginity to her "to get it over with"). Location was pretty far removed from the nearest MRT, pretty discreet. Took my sweet time to walk there too.

Anyways, when I arrived there, took my temperature and wrote my name down for a form. Paid 50 for first and was directed to my room. After relaxing for a bit and showering alone, Chloe arrived and came greeting me, serving me with some hot tea. She was really nice while we chatted when she was massaging me. For a skinny guy like me, her massage was tight and really loosened up my muscles.

After that was done, she flipped me over and immediately woke me up with what looks like is her special BJ technique, which felt so damn good (not gonna spoil too much haha). She then prepared the condom as she went on top of me. OMG did it feel good while she was bouncing up and down on me. I grabbed her boobs and started sucking them at the same time. Changed position, got onto doggy. There was a mirror facing us while we fucked, she kept moaning and whispering to me, guiding me around while I was touching her everywhere. Then lastly, we got onto missionary where I got really deep inside her and finally lost control and came. After cleaning up, we chatted for a bit more and I was off.

Looks: 7/10 (love MILFs hahaha)
Body: 8/10 (loved feeling her smooth, thicc body)
Boobs: 8/10 (slightly perky, sucked on them real good)
Frenching: NIL
BBBJ: 7/10 (somewhat short, but felt seriously amazing)
FJ: 9/10 (went for 3 positions, she was moaning and leading me through. loved the experience)
GFE: 9/10 (really loved chatting with her)
RTF: definitely will, gotta watch out for pocket money though

*Apologies for the long FR
Originally Posted by breakfast1 View Post
FR: Chloe

Services Rendered

Once I was in bed, face down, a pair of warm, soft hands could be felt rubbing out the soreness in my legs. Each time she would oily rub the entire length of the leg, up and down, the tip of her fingers would gently, playfully prod my scrotum, while we were chatting about her past and her thoughts on current affairs. This lasted for a good 15 minutes. Then it was the shoulders and the back; nothing fancy, but so effective at feeling good.

Turned over, she informed me that she was going to wash her, but not before giving my penis a soft squeeze; subtle, yet very reassuring and personal. Came back in seconds, and quickly, she got out of her dress, with her luscious breasts in full view (no bra, no fuss), then negotiated her way out of her black g-string. In dim lighting and nature sounds, she was a magnificent sight to behold; a full tight figure, naked and tasty (as far as my tastes are concerned).

The first words out of her mouth were, ďCan I lick your nipples?Ē Hot breath, colder room, wet tongue lashing against sensitive nipples; I had been pining for Japan and Thailand for soooooo long, and finally, I had my nipples treated to a good licking; bliss!

I personally prefer making my partners feel good, so when it was my turn, I held her breasts in my hands, and they were definitely heavy and firm to the squeeze, then fingers and tongue started work her pointed nipples which were excellent for flicking, be it with tongue or finger. My other hand found itís way down to her crotch, busy fiddling with an erect clitoris. She was nice to let me know I was doing okay with soft moan after soft moan. She was ever so compliant with my requests and rested her back onto my chest, then we continued focusing on her pleasure; lots of rubbing and squishy, moist fingering later, she exclaimed about her cumming and she orgasmed, body mildly convulsing, and voice strained. I was just happy that she was happy about the orgasm.

Then it was all about me...for about 2 minutes (what can I say, after so long, I am sensitive), as I ended the session in her hand. I had wanted more fingering...oh wells, next time maybe. And just like that, the hour was over; I showered by my lonesome, and left.

Highlights: She was very compliant; she didnít complain or evinced any dislike for my interests with fingering and foreplay. She was incredibly receptive, friendly and physically open, which made connecting with her physically easy; there was some chemistry. Her breasts were sizeable and surely firm.

Looks: 7/10
Body: 8/10 (firm all over; full figure; skin fair, healthy and soft)
Massage: 7.5/10 (the Balinese sort)
Nipple play (it was only for a short while; wells it was only a 1-hour session): 8/10
HJ/Playing with Balls: 7.5/10 (it was either performed with oil or gel).
Return to Play: Maybe once a month (I donít need to be serviced so often; but a good alternative to Japan or Thailand)
Originally Posted by guaisusu90 View Post
I would like to comment Chloe for her superb service. She makes you really comfortable and her boobs are one to die for. Would definitely rtf.
Originally Posted by Mimibuda View Post
Authentic singaporean, super chatty that breaks the ice easily
Originally Posted by Bobby8881 View Post
Booked Chloe this afternoon slot, and was looking forward to a nice 60 mins. No complains there, it was a relaxing 60 mins

The one perk I got was watching and hearing her moan to orgasm, and feel her pussy muscles contract during orgasm.

I have my reservations on her scores, but will not RTF anytime soon as she told me she does not like frenching. To those who managed to get to speak the language of love, I applaud you.
Originally Posted by xmmidol View Post
late FR for Chloe.

location: central. discrete. need to safeentry and write down name and number.

looks: 6.5/10. mid or late 30s. nt ugly, decent face.

massage: 8.5/10. good sterntgh and feels good for back.

gfe: she's good at creating convo and making you feel comfortable.

bj: i asked for cbj and it was ok.

fj: maybe because i too horny that day so she started to ride me damn fast and in 2 mins i shot. asked her to go slow but too late.

rtf: unlikely. in and out in 30 mins with two showers and rest on bed.

maybe that day she really just want to end quickly for everything. if i could last longer or she went slower maybe would have been better.
Originally Posted by messy613 View Post
Chloe - 16 Nov 2020 - 530pm

Cheerful Milf in her 30s, her massage is decent with a warm bbbj technique. Treat her well and you will be rewarded.
Originally Posted by ching-a-ling View Post
It's been a while since I met Chloe. I think I have visited her at least two times before this.

First and foremost, she looks older than mid 30s. But she still has the auntie-next-door look, which would qualify as MILF I guess. My guess is she's probably in her 40s at least. But for her age, she maintains her skin really well. However, I wasn't so delighted to see that she's chubbier than I remembered her to be the last time. I've met another MILF before in her 50s with a better figure than Chloe's.

Anyway, when it comes to service, she does have that tender loving care like your next door auntie. Attentive to your needs and mostly accomodating. I didn't get to french her though, which was ok for me. She smells really good. Her nipples are shaped like erasers and she's very responsive when you play with them. Likewise when you paint her downstairs (her downstairs is not clean-shaven, in case you're wondering. But it smells nice.)

I probably won't return again as I'm looking for a younger MILF in the 30s. One man's meat is another man's poison, I guess.

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Working Hrs ( Mon - Fri ) : 10 am - 7 pm
Sat : 11 am - 6 pm ( Advance Booking )
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